Can I Buy on Amazon?

We know many people love Amazon's discount pricing and free shipping. However, as independent publishers we simply can't afford to sell our bespoke books via Amazon, as they only pay 45 percent of a book's cover price to the publisher.

That amount barely covers the cost to print a full color, hardcover book on the same presses commercial publishers use. Our books are not "print on demand" like many other publishers. We believe people appreciate real quality.

In short, we wouldn't make enough money to sustain our business.

We completely understand that people like Amazon's great prices. But traditionally published books make money for the publisher and reseller, e.g. Amazon. Authors see a tiny fraction of the money customers pay for a book.

By selling our book ourselves, it become economically viable for us and we can keep creating great books that our audience loves. We're very appreciative of all our supporters who've believed in us doing things differently.