Wonk Press International Retailers

While Wonk Press ships internationally to most countries, shipping from the USA can be expensive. To help our non-US friends possibly save on international shipping costs, below is a list of retailers who have purchased books to resell.

Each retailer sets the price at which they sell Wonk Press books. Customers may wish to compare the total price from a retailer to the price of purchasing directly from Wonk Press.  

Purchases from these retailers are transactions between the customer and the retailer. Wonk Press cannot guarantee that a retailer will have books in stock at all times.

Multiple retailers may sell Wonk Press books in certain regions.

The list of retailers may change from time to time.

Modern Caribbean Rum

Canada: The Modern Bartender: The Modern Bartender

Netherlands - Whisky BoekenModern Caribbean Rum

Netherlands - Rummie Club: Books - Rummieclub

Germany - Armagnac.deModern Caribbean Rum (Buch)

France - RhumAttitudeModern Caribbean Rum

Poland - Colours of RumModern Caribbean Rum

Minimalist Tiki

Canada - The Modern Bartender: The Modern Bartender

Denmark - Skotlander Rum: Minimalist Tiki Book

Germany - Armagnac.de: Minimalist Tiki (Buch)

Netherlands - Rummie Club: Books - Rummieclub

Australia - Only BittersMinimalist Tiki