International Sales & Retailers

Wonk Press ships around the world using the lowest available carrier shipping rates, and without any markup. However, because carrier-set shipping rates are often expensive, we partner with retailers in certain countries. (The full list is below.)

Please note that each retailer sets their own prices for our books. We want everyone to get the best price, so please compare the cost from your local retailer (below) with the price as shipped by us.

If a listed retailer doesn't have your desired book(s) in stock, please ask them to order more from us!

If you are a retailer and wish to resell our books outside of the US, please contact us at

Modern Caribbean Rum

Canada: The Modern Bartender: The Modern Bartender

United Kingdom: The Whisky Exchange: Modern Caribbean Rum

United Kingdom: StarmoreBoss: Modern Caribbean Rum

Netherlands - Whisky BoekenModern Caribbean Rum

Germany - Armagnac.deModern Caribbean Rum (Buch)

France - RhumAttitudeModern Caribbean Rum

Poland - Colours of RumModern Caribbean Rum

Japan - RumShopModern Caribbean Rum


The Tequila Ambassador V.O.

United Kingdom: StarmoreBossThe Tequila Ambassador VO

Polynesiacs – Tiki at Home

United Kingdom: StarmoreBoss: Polynesiacs – Tiki at Home

Minimalist Tiki

Canada - The Modern Bartender: The Modern Bartender

United Kingdom - The Whisky Exchange: Minimalist Tiki

Denmark - Skotlander Rum: Minimalist Tiki

Germany - Minimalist Tiki

Australia - Only BittersMinimalist Tiki