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The Tequila Ambassador V.O.

The Tequila Ambassador V.O.

Enter the vibrant world of Tequila with your guide, Tomas Estes—cofounder of Tequila Ocho and the original Tequila Ambassador. From his opening of Café Pacifico in Amsterdam in the 1970s, to teaching about agave spirits in dozens of countries, Tomas dedicated his life to bringing quality Tequila to the world. Also contains 50 classic and modern Tequila cocktail recipes.

Hardcover, 408 pages

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More About The Book

The Tequila Ambassador V.O. is the re-imagining and expansion of Tomas’ seminal 2012 book. This completely new project is a mix of practical information and personal storytelling, intimate memoir and inspiring philosophy, weaving between Tomas’ own exuberant life and the ever-expanding world of agave spirits.

Featuring hundreds of candid photos, The Tequila Ambassador V.O. evokes a life well-lived—and shares the words of Tomas and those who were changed by his mentorship, knowledge, and love.

Engaging and informative for new Tequila drinkers and aficionados alike, this book is like pulling up a bar stool next to a friend who happens to know a thing or two about Tequila—and about life.

Customer Reviews

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Phillip William B
The Tequila Ambassador VO

Incredible indepth account of the life of one of the key international characters in the Tequila industry as well as a comprehensive explanation of the spirit it self, how it is made and everything you need to know about why it is so special. Plus amazing interviews and a selection of recipes.

Martin Secot
Excellent Read

Excellent Ready. So imformative

Ken Ihrer
Great for the Tequila Enthusiast

Wonder history of Tomas Estes. This book is full of wonderful pictures and stories of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tequila ambassadors of all time. It is a great read and a great coffee table book with tons of wonderful pictures. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the finest, most complex, spirit on this planet.

Steve Swinnea
Tequila Legend

Tomas' personal recollection of decades of dedication to the hospitality industry and tequila specifically. I've read most agave-centric books. This has most of the essentials basic understanding of the plant and its processing into remarkable spirits. I think the real value of the book is in the personal connections that Tomas developed over the years. I did tire a bit by the time it got to the obligatory cocktail section near the end.

A beautiful tribute to Tomas Estes and the Tequila world

A love letter to the world of Tequila and those who live in it. Tomas Estes’ legacy lives on in that love, and this tribute to him is beautifully and thoughtfully written by those surrounding him. A must read.