About Wonk Press

Founded in 2019, Wonk Press creates extraordinary books that resonate deeply with their audience. We partner with passionate authors to bring to life unique stories that traditional publishers overlook.

We don’t force authors' creativity into a pre-formulated template to keep the book size and cover price within prescribed ranges. Rather, we design each book to best represent the author’s vision and source material. We handle all aspects of a book’s lifetime, from concept to editing, layout, and distribution. Wonk Press books are printed on the same offset presses that major publishers use.

We have a profit-sharing model with authors ensuring both parties are well aligned when creating and promoting the book. By directly distributing to consumers rather than via distributors, we can pay authors much more per copy.

Wonk Press is owned and operated by Carrie Smith and Matt Pietrek. The first two projects were Minimalist Tiki and Modern Caribbean Rum, which they co-wrote. The commercial success of these efforts proved this model could work with other authors with similarly unique and creative ideas. Their third book is Polynesiacs – Tiki at Home, with Tom Jaynes. Their fourth title is The Tequila Ambassador V.O., by Tomas Estes. Additional books are in development.