Featured Bartenders and Bars

Minimalist Tiki includes 130 recipes from nearly two dozen renowned Tiki Bartenders and cutting age bars:

  • Brian Maxwell
  • Chad Austin (LONO Hollywood)
  • Doc Parks (The Zombie Village)
  • Daniele Dalla Pola (Esotico)
  • Jason Alexander (Devil's Reef)
  • Jeanie Grant (Pagan Idol)
  • Justin Wojslaw (Diller Room)
  • Kevin Beary (Three Dots and a Dash)
  • Marie King (Tonga Hut)
  • Oriol Elias
  • Shelby Allison & Erin Hayes (Lost Lake)
  • Tiki Lindy
  • Zac Overman
  • Cane Rhum Bar (Charleston)
  • Dirty Dick (Paris)
  • The Inferno Room (Indianapolis)
  • Laki Kane (London)
  • Lost Lake (Chicago)
  • Navy Strength (Seattle)
  • Pagan Idol (San Francisco)
  • Rumba (Seattle)
  • The Shameful Tiki Room (Vancouver)
  • Trailer Happiness (London)