International Shipping Costs

If you are reading this page, there's a good chance you're from outside the US and interested in buying one of our books but found that international shipping is a bit pricey.

Here, we will explain two possible ways to save money on shipping:

  • Bundling orders
  • Finding a local retailer near you who stocks the book.

But first, it's important to know that Wonk Press makes no profit from shipping. The shipping prices quoted at checkout reflect Shopify's heavily discounted carrier rates, plus a dollar or two for a sturdy shipping box.

In what follows, the example shipping prices were provided by Shopify at the time this was written. These examples are for illustration purposes only, and your actual price may differ. The final cost given does not include import duties or VAT if applicable for your country.

Establishing a Minimum Baseline Price for Shipping

First, let's establish the minimum cost to ship one copy of Modern Caribbean Rum within the US. With its shipping box, the package weighs 9 lbs. To ship it to New York City using UPS, the least expensive rate is $17 and takes up to five business days. For three-day service, it's $24.

To ship this same book to Paris, the least expensive option is UPS Worldwide Expedited, which costs $65. The total price paid is $155. Yes, that's expensive, so let's look at two ways to reduce the shipping cost.

Bonus link: How to Estimate Your Shipping cost

Saving Money - Bundling Orders

Often people have friends or coworkers who also want the same book. By making a single order for multiple books, the per-book cost can be substantially decreased:

  • Two books: $45 shipping per book (estimated)
  • Three books: $38 shipping per book (estimated)
  • Four books: $33 shipping per book (estimated)
  • Eight books: $26 per book (estimated)

In short, the per-book shipping cost for three books is nearly half that of a single book. For eight books, it's about the same price as shipping within the US with three-day UPS shipping.

Note: Eight copies of Modern Caribbean Rum is the current upper limit that we can ship in one order due to weight and box availability. Please get in touch with us at sales @ wonkpress . com if you wish to make a larger order.

International Retailers

For Minimalist Tiki, we have partnered with two retailers who stock the book in Canada and Europe. See the end of this page for details.

Regarding Modern Caribbean Rum, we have communicated with several retailers in various countries who wish to stock our books. We hope to work with as many as necessary to maximize sales. Let's look at how much purchasing from them might cost. The following factors contribute to the retailer's selling price:

  • What the retailer pays Wonk Press for each book
  • How much it costs to transport the book to the retailer
  • Any customs duties or VAT tax owed by the retailer upon receipt
  • The retailer's profit margin on each book.

Let's make an educated guess about the selling price from a Paris-based retailer. The import VAT into France is 20 percent, and the cost to transport 100 books from the US to France is around $15 per book. Thus, a very rough estimate of the retailer's cost is $95. We shall estimate the retailer's minimum profit margin to be 30 percent.

Summing all those amounts up, a retailer's price could conceivably be $125.

If you can purchase in the retailer's store, $125 is substantially less than the $155 if shipped from the US.

However, if the retailer ships the book to you, they will likely add that to the price. If we estimate $20, your total price is $145. That is $10 less than having the book shipped via Wonk Press from the US.

Again, the above is just a preliminary guess and what the costs could be. Once retailers have books, we will all know more.

Important note: There will be some delay (possibly several months) before our retail partners have books. Also, we cannot guarantee they will have stock at all times.


In the above, we've illustrated two ways to save money on international shipping costs and provided an estimate of how much you might save. You now have as much information as we can provide to weigh which might work best for you. As stated earlier, the prices above are only estimates and may differ substantially from reality as various pricing factors change.

What About Amazon Distribution?

Why don't we sell our books on Amazon and let their global distribution network handle international shipping logistics?

We wish we could. However, Amazon typically pays small publishers like Wonk Press less than half the cover price. With our printing cost (professional offset printing, heavy-weight paper, hardcover with top-quality binding), we can't afford to sell via Amazon and keep our business running. This is why we sell direct whenever possible or through trusted retailers who understand the unique value of our books.

Minimalist Tiki

For Canadian customers, The Modern Bartender (same folks as The Shameful Tiki Room) have copies of Minimalist Tiki that they can probably ship to you for less:

Minimalist Tiki Book - The Modern Bartender

For European customers:

We have sold some cases of Minimalist Tiki to a few retailers in Europe to resell, but when they sell out quickly, they don't always reorder from us quickly. 

Skotlander Rum currently has some copies for sale:
Minimalist Tiki Book: (