Can I buy it on Amazon? What about international Shipping Costs?

To those looking for the book on Amazon:

Simply put, we can't afford to sell on Amazon. Surprised? Read on.

Amazon only pays 45% of a book's cover price to independent publishers like us.

For our book, that's $15.75, which barely covers our cost to print to professionally print a 300 page, full color, hardcover book on the same presses commercial publishers use. We believe people appreciate real quality.

In short, we wouldn't make enough money to sustain our business.

We completely understand that people like Amazon's great prices. But traditionally published books make money for the publisher and reseller, e.g. Amazon. Authors see a tiny fraction of the money customers pay for a book.

By selling our book ourselves, it become economically viable for us and we can keep creating great books that our audience loves. We're very appreciative of all our supporters who've believed in us doing things differently.

To those ordering from outside of the U.S.:

We completely understand that the shipping charges are quite expensive, and we're sorry for that!  The rates are set by the shipping companies, and we make no profit from any shipping charges. The quotes are direct from the shippers themselves, by way of our e-commerce site.

For those of you in Canada, The Modern Bartender (same folks as The Shameful Tiki Room) have copies that they can probably ship to you for less:

Minimalist Tiki Book - The Modern Bartender

For those of you in Europe:

We are always looking for ways to ship internationally for less cost. We have sold some cases to a few retailers in Europe to resell, but when they sell out quickly, they don't always reorder from us quickly. 

Skotlander Rum currently has some copies for sale:
Minimalist Tiki Book: (

For shippers like DHL (rather than the USPS First Class International, currently the cheapest option), most of the expense comes from shipping costs on the first item. If you order two or more, the per-item rate drops a bit.

Another approach is to bundle your order with friends our others who live nearby, it brings down the per-copy costs. In fact, we recently had 20 people in England put together a single order for 20 books, which brought the individual shipping cost down to under $15 per book. Not ideal, but the cheapest way we've found.

Thank you for your understanding!